The what, why, and how of two image memes

Church gold and African children begging for food meme

It's a whole new world

Having two images side by side opens up a new world of meme making possibilities, and not all of them mischievous. Beginning with the Duos two image generator below, we can extend our options by adding the combined images to other generators.

Best user cases for the two image meme generator

There’s quite a few reasons for wanting this type of meme maker. It's also used for generating zoom memes, but here I want to focus on other options which may not be too familiar. While the approaches may differ, the overall concept is one of “then and now”.

Two versions of Kim Kardasian, fat and thin meme

Before and after memes

Either factual or satirical, these memes can be used to show changes over long periods or either side of a single event. The theme can be of a personal nature, showing how the ravages of time have affected your body or behaviour, or something less innocuous, such as either side of a new hair-do.

Meme generators

Another option is to show the impact of a typical activity, often exaggerating the effects to provide a more humorous impact. As the wedding cake meme shows, truth may be the first casualty of any memenic creation.

Two faces showing before and after meth addiction

As the before and after meth meme demonstrates, even serious matters can be given the humorous touch, and still get the message across.

Compare and contrast memes

Church gold and African children begging for food meme

Memes depicting how different people achieve their objectives provide further scope for variation and humor. How close to the facts they remain, or how dark such depictions go, is entirely up to the designer.

Generating what’s the difference memes

Aiming at a single person, or group, the behaviour of our intended “victim” may already suggest a suitable animal to compare or contrast with. Alternatively: we could utilize one of several words or phrases with double meanings.

Capitol hill and an hedgehog

By attributing the characteristics of an animal with undesirable traits,to a famous person, the difference is often less than complimentary to the target. The two featured images would be totally unrelated, joined only by the captions that accompany them.

Say what meme making

Donald Trump and an angry cat

Taking a quote out of context and showing an imaginary victim is a common theme of such designs. Donald Trump's infamous pussy grabbing quote is an easy one to communicate.

Meme generators The Sun shing through the clouds and starry sky meme

Double entendres, where the true meaning can be misinterpreted, provide a range of opportunities that all true meme officialardos should be aware of. If you’re a beginner, here’s a few to whet your appetite.

Memes depicting hypocrisy

Republican flag and Trumps undocumented house keeper

For the occasions when what is claimed and reality don’t align. None are more guilty of this behaviour than politicians, but they aren’t the only culprits. Many celebrities are also fully paid up members, while religion is also a fully paid up subscriber of the “do as I say, not as I do” club.

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Tips and tricks for creating two image memes

Only one of these is a despicable vile creature, but which one?

Obviously with 2 images, one depicting the source of the quote while the other presents the stark reality is always going to elicit a reaction.

UK politicians and someone holding a handful of leeches

Any topic where a politician takes the moral high ground, while a wayward colleague is found wanting, is ripe for the taking.

Preachers often make good subjects, particularly the Evangelical type who threaten hell and damnation for even the most trivial transgressions, only to be caught tasting the delights of the forbidden fruit they so vehemently oppose.

Finding political targets

With their foot only ever one step away from their mouth, politicians offer a continual source of material for two image meme makers.

Always prepared to sell their soul for a vote, and living in their own little bubble, our thick skinned lawmakers are all too often blinded by their own self serving interests to notice what’s happening around them.

Zoom style memes

We don’t have to use two images, by following the renown zoom virtual meeting style , we can reserve one side for captions. I’ve included a few gradient backgrounds in the image gallery. Just clicking on one will add it to the meme generator.

Witch putting food into a couldron with the caption:
              'Hallow'een, not the time to be upsetting the ladies Meme generators