memes that no self respecting frog would be seen dead in

Kermit standing behind Miss Piggy

Giving a voice to frogs everywhere

If you arrived here in any doubt as to the tone of things, the above meme featuring our formidable frog and his not so reserved other half, should give you an idea. However: if you want to tone it down a little, this offering, along with all the others can be edited in the meme generators below.

The user interface is quite intuitive, but if you want a more detailed description of each generator , that’s no problem.

Meme generators

Kermit the frog meme makers

Similar to the just do it meme maker , The Kermit version is slightly more theme based. With the right materials, any generator has the ability to become a kermit the frog meme maker. Of the six below, at least two are ideal candidates. The Dragstar allows you to add text to the speech bubble. Alternatively: the Classic is ideal for the traditional design. In both instances, clicking return adds another line of text.

Text bubble Kermit blank meme templates

Kermit observing two womwen driving in the wrong direction

As with all the featured memes, you can find the images used, minus the text, in the gallery. Click on one and it'll instantly load into your chosen generator. The text bubble style isn't the only option, but if you're using this style, you'll need to select the Dragstar meme maker.

Traditional style Kermit blank memes

A common kermit based theme is the one of him sipping tea accompanied by a two part comment. While the first part, at the top features, our amphibian friend making a dry observation, in the bottom part he states it's none of his business. As with the bubble caption memes, the blank template version is available in the Gallarie De Kermit.

Kermit standing in the kitchen sipping tea

On tour with Kermit

Our first point of call features Kermit at the White House. Considering recent events, the idea of a talking frog getting anywhere near the big house, let alone reside there, isn't too far fetched.

Kermit standing behind Miss Piggy outside the White House

Kermit getting political

Staying with the White House theme, and not wishing to upset Republicans, the Kermit - Trump meme could easily be turned around, by showing our featured frog saying something a little more complimentary about Donald.

Kermit holding his hands towards Donald Trump

The moment we've all been waiting for

Here our quarrelsome duo finally tie the knot. Nothing could humanize them better than a good old fashioned church wedding. Who's to say they won't soon be announcing the arrival of the first baby friglet?

Kermit and Miss Piggy's wedding

Kermit the delicacy

I have to say he's handling it very well to say he's on the menu. I don't think I'd be as calm. If you're looking for ideas, Kermit's quote doesn't have to concern food. The background image is fairly neutral in that respect.

Kermit standing in front of a cafe

The darker side of Kermit the news hound

Who's to say that Kermit fans can't have a dark sense of humor? I'm sure many of you have your own ideas as to what our intrepid reporter could be asking.

Kermit with a michrophone interviewing Paul Walker

The name's Bond, Kermit Bond

What do you imagine Kermit saying inside an empty concert hall, while dressed up to the nines? What about something along the lines of "Announcing the Annual Donald Trump friends gathering"?

Meme generators Kermit wearing a suit to the opera

making new friends

If we're sending him to places he's never been, why not introduce our illustrious frog to people he's never met. How do you imagine a conversation between him and the success kid would go?

Kermit standing with the success kid

The princess and the frog

This time the visual is of the frog deep in thought, which usually means he’s up to no good. You can almost hear the cogs whirring. I wonder what he’s thinking, do you have any idea? Use the blank meme below to bring his thoughts to life.

Kermit looking at a princess

The case of the missing pig

The original message of this offering was of Kermit wishing everyone a merry Christmas. To get the different sized text, I used two of the text boxes on the Dragstar meme generator. You can do this with any of the blank kermit memes, as well as style and color the font. So what are you waiting for?

Kermit holding a sign saying 'have you seen this pig'

Presenting the rivetting Miss Piggy

Feast your eyes on the glamorous porker and the root of many of Kermit’s dilemmas. Can you think of a suitable repost?

Miss Piggy in the bathroom talking a selfie

The final hop

There’s certainly no shortage of materials, mechanisms and ideas to send our pond dwelling friend on any number of new adventures. Where you send him is entirely up to you, and with the ability to put words in his mouth, the only limitations are your imagination and how wicked you dare to be.

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