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If you have a desire to create memes to post on Twitter, or any image for that matter, without fear of them being cropped or distorted due to their hard and fast aspect ratios, your prayers are answered. The meme generators below are designed specifically for a range of platforms. But first of all, please allow me to whet your appetite with a few examples.

Twitter meme examples

Here's a few examples I made using the generator below, there's more further down the page

 Man and a lamp post. Twitter meme with the caption 'A politician uses statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post, for support rather than illumination' Woman looking at a computer in disbelief. Twitter meme with the caption: 'want to freak out your neighbors, name your wifi Police Surveillance' ight bulb. Twitter meme with the caption 'How many politicians does it take to screw a light bulb? Only one but it will be really screwed' Three stone statues Twitter meme with the caption 'Believe nothing of politics unbtil it has been officially denied' See more...

Choose an aspect ratio then follow the guides

Social media Aspect ratios

Sportsman praying Twitter meme with the caption 'Definition of a lost cause, asking a being who lets 1000 children an hour die, to help him win a game'

While not adhering to the aspect ratios of the various social media platforms may result in a distorted result, any cropping of memes could be devastating. However: this is not going to be your problem.

Image sources and avoiding copyright issues

My only worry is that you inadvertently use a copyrighted image. To ensure you avoid the wrath of the copyright gods, either utilize the search option in Google images and select “Free to use” or take advantage of the image sharing platforms such as Pixabay and Unsplash.

Catholic priest Twitter meme with the caption 'Do as I say, not as I do, because there aren't enough choir boys to go round'

Twitter aspect ratios

Of the twelve aspect ratios featured on the meme generator below, we only need to concern ourselves with four. Aside from square (1:1) all the other ratios are variations of the landscape orientation.

Profile 1:1
Card 1.91: 1
Post 2:1
Header 3:1

Taking your memes a step further

While I understand you may only be interested in creating memes for Twitter, few people have only one social media account. It’s here where we can save a little time. With your image and captions already loaded, and assuming you wish to create memes for multiple platforms, simply switching aspect ratios and some minor adjustments to image and captions, is all that’s needed.

May and baby Jesus Twitter meme with the caption 'If Jesus is the lamb of God, then Mary had a little lamb'

Common aspect ratios

Some aspect ratios are common to multiple platforms. The square image, for example, is used by all social media platforms, most often for the profile image. Likewise: the other three image ratios are used by the other platforms. Essentially meaning you’re getting at least two for the price of one. Here’s a look at how they line up.

  • Twitter card image:Instagram Horizontal, Facebook cover, Linkedin Sonsored
  • Twitter post image:Linkedin Cover
  • Twitter header image:Linkedin Hero
The Bible Twitter meme with the caption 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good story'

Create new social media accounts

Creating the various images or memes is often a basic requirement when creating a social media account, and could even be a deterrent to creating an account. So this could be a good time to think about creating new social media accounts. Or at the very least, be aware of where you can ruse the images that you do create.

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