Political memes: Who says politicians never speak the truth?

I swear to tell the truth, said no politician ever

Vying with the legal profession for the most flagrently corrupt fraternity on earth, politicians deserve everything we can throw at them. Regardless of their political compass, we'd struggle to find a better way than the gift from Richard Dawkins. Serious or funny, the choice is up to you.

Memes not only empower us with the wherewithal to settle a few scores, they are perhaps the only way of getting politicians to say what they really mean.

Side by side political memes

Two image memes can be repurposed to fit any agenda, especially adding a visual element to what we really think of our elected servants. Associating the chosen ones with certain unsavory aspects of seemingly unrelated topics is a good example.

Diaper and politician wih the caption 'Diapers and poltcians, need to be changed often and for the same reason'

I created the politician and diaper meme using the Duos generator. With the image UI, I first of all clicked on the image in the UI I wanted to change, then selected an image from the gallery. I clicked the “Tall” button to give portrait style images.

Once I was satisfied with the size and position of the pictures, I hit “Edit text” The text UI is fairly self explanatory, with the possible exception of the coloring. The text dropdown above the canvas explains how to color text and backgrounds in more detail.

I increased opacity to make the text more readable, and used the Bg color picker to change the background color.

We’re all well aware that the relationship with politicians and the truth is often a little tenuous, which brings us to the next offering. On this occasion I clicked “Text off” to move the text above and below the images.

As the text was too long for a single line, I hit “Enter to add another. The “cvs” color picker changes the entire background, as opposed to individual text areas when using the "bg" color picker.

Politican and flying pig with the captions 'What's the difference between a politician and a flying pig? the letter f

Political history provides us with unlimited material with which to deride our wanton heroes, this formed the basis of the “anything the Democrats can do” meme. Here I combine an historical event with the observation that politicians have no qualms about selling their soul to win favor.

Split scene of Paul Ryan and Monica Lewinski Ryan is quoted as saying 'Anything the Democrats can do, I can do better'

Ideas for two image political memes

When reproducing your own version, you can, in most situations, direct the image and captions to be more targeted. The objects of your intentions can be politicians as a whole, be more oriented towards any group, such as: conservative or liberal, or directed at a particular politician.

As with the “I’m not saying a word” look of Monica, and the “I’ll tell you this” pose of Paul Ryan, sometimes images scream out for captions. The inherent nature of politicians’ desire to be in the news provides us with a whole host of opportunities.

Traditional style political meme making

Regardless of your political persuasion, sometimes there’s no getting away from the facts. Rather than sweep them under the carpet, we can also make light of them, as I have done with the Putin meme.

Vladimir Putin smurking

Using the Classic, I added the top caption in the normal way, but did something a little different with the bottom caption. After every two words, I pressed return to start a new line, then pressed return a couple of times to push the text towards the top.

Political memes with movable text

With the Dragstar we can take meme making to the next level. Up to six independently styleable text areas that can be positioned anywhere, allow us to have differently styled text on the same line.

Revolver with the words 'the POLITICIAN' wrote on the barrel and the caption: Should be shot, doesn't work, can't be fired.

I created the politician gun meme by adding “The” and “POLITICIAN” to separate text areas and then aligned them on the gun barrel. I split the main caption onto multiple lines by hitting return whenever I wanted a line break.

To format the text, I played around with the “Fill” and “Str” color pickers. I could also have added a background color to the text by adjusting the opacity and selecting a color from the “Bg” color picker.

Political news memes

To most Europeans, and arguably the rest of the world, the policies of the Republlcan party are indistinguishable from those of the Nazi party. And with that in mind...

News meme anouncing the GOP have booted Hitler out because he was too liberal

How to create political news memes

Two single line text areas provide room for the headline and subheading. The text panel also contains a choice of news readers, while the “Flip newsreader” button moves the reader to the opposite side.

Promoting political agenda

Similar to the faux news meme maker, but with up to three text areas, and no newsreader, the Promotion meme maker is perfect for promoting the hidden agenda inherent to most of our self serving hypocritical parasites.

Roy Moore holding up five fingers to announce the new age of consent

While underage sex is rarely a laughing matter, one could be forgiven for thinking sexual predation is a necessary feature of achieving high office in at least one US political party. Roy Moore’s alleged indescretions with underaged girls are something we should never be allowed to forget, regardless of how loud he squeals.

While originally having room for the news source plus heading and subheading captions, I choose to not include a subheading. Deleting the placeholder text causes the corresponding captions area to collapse.

Memes that put words into the mouths of politicians

Political speech bubble memes allow us to create scenarios that would never happen, or would they? If the truth is known, stranger things have and still do happen.

Hilary Clinton and Monica Lewinski in the oval office. Monica asks 'What time will the president come?' and Hilary replies 'I don't know, you're the expert in that department

In creating the Hilary and Monica meme, I first of all opened the Dragstar, and chose a blank text bubble template, then clicked on a text box to activate it in the UI. I split Hilary’s caption into two lines by clicking “Enter” and resized and positioned it to fit the bubble.

Bringing political meme making to a close

Hopefully I’ve given you inspiration to begin creating memes of your own. The gallery contains enough politically relevant images to get you started. Alternatively: you may have your own images and ideas, but simply lacked a means of creating them. Now you have no excuse, so go forth and insult.

Mike Pence with his arms around topless model. Pence is saying 'Whoa, bumy things'. The model is saying: 'Three hours and he's only just noticed them Meme generators