Politics: where all self respecting snake oil salesmen fear to tread

The basic instincts of a politician

It's fair to say, if not for politicians, life would be much duller. Unfortunately: our duly elected lawmakers are funny for all the wrong reasons. Until hunting them down and slaughtering them in the most grotesque way possible becomes legal, the only option we have is to attack them with disdain.

Deceit, double standards, and skullduggery are endemic throughout the political spectrum. No one, with the possible exception of lawyers, is more deserving of the ridicule they receive.

A funny political meme showing the UK parliament with the caption: 'The problem with political jokes is they keep getting elected'

Quick and easy humorous political memes

That politicians are a joke is beyond doubt. Unfortunately: they're all we've got, but that doesn't mean we have to give them a free pass, and humor is our least harmful method of retribution.

How to target politicians with traditional style memes

I created the "The problem with political jokes" meme using the Classic meme generator. After clicking on an image in the gallery and leaving the shape set to "Square," I clicked on "Edit text."

I could've shifted the text off the image, as I did with the next meme, but chose to leave it on. You can toggle the positioning on and off as often as you like. Have a play around with the "Fill" and "Str" color pickers to color your text fill and outline.

Double the fun with two image memes

Whether or not they're human is open to debate, but liars they most certainly are. This brings us nicely to the next funny political meme. Although I've chosen Boris Johnson as my subject, almost any politician the world over could take his place, as I have demonstrated here.

Funny political meme featuring Boris Johnson and a flying pig, with the captions: 'What's the difference between Boris Johnson and a flying pig?' 'The letter F'

How to make funny political two image memes

You can reproduce the flying pig political meme, or any two image meme, using the Duos meme generator. By default, the Duos opens up in image editing mode. Here you can add, resize, reposition, and change the shape of your images.

To change an image, first, click on it in the UI, then add a new one using one of the methods listed in the dropdowns at the top of the canvas.

Funny political news memes

Moving on to the faux news meme, I created this one knowing that public sympathy for our political pond dwellers is less common than a redneck with two sets of grandparents.

News flash style political meme with the headline 'Kidnappers issue ultilatum' and the biline: 'They say they'll release the politician if their demands are not met

You have a choice of news reporters, which you can change or flip to the other side in the text UI.

No post dedicated to our ministerial maestros would be complete without at least some reference to Donald Trump, aka the Russian candidate. Even before his inauguration, their ministerial machinations left little to be desired. What Donald has done is lower the bar for what is politically acceptable.

The problem with creating Trump memes is that it's virtually impossible to insult him. What many would regard as insulting often turns out to be complimentary. But, alas, we could say the same about most of our elected legislators.

Funny political meme with the scene being a misogynist, a liar and a frausster standing at a bar. The barman asks: 'Same again Mr president?'

Give your media a more significant impact with text only memes.

In instances where I have a joke but struggle to find a suitable image or have a large amount of text, I prefer to use a plain background while there are a few in the gallery; the internet is awash with colored, gradient, and patterned backgrounds.

For the "Trump and bartender" meme, I used the Dragstar meme maker with moveable text boxes. Rather than use a typical image, I opted for a gradient background from the gallery. Because I wanted to color and style the text differently, I used four separate text areas and positioned them accordingly.

A screw-in lightbulb with the quote: 'I only takes one politician to screw a lightbulb, but you can guarantee it'll be really screwed

Another option is to use images with plenty of free real estate around the image's main focal point. Again using the Dragstar, the "One politician to screw a lightbulb" meme uses a simple double entendre to emphasize politicians' behavior. I broke the first caption into multiple lines by clicking "Enter." The second block is slightly more complicated.

For the first two lines, I followed the same process as before, then add "REALLY" and "screwed" to their own text areas. This allowed me to style them differently. After this, I aligned all three to look like one sentence.

A funny political meme complete with a thermometer showing sub zero temperature and a snow covered backdrop. the caption says: 'It's that cold, you can expect to see politicians with their hands in their own pockets

The cold weather politicized meme is another offering from the Classic. While politicians don't literally have their hands in other peoples' pockets, they do have an overriding urge to access the contents.

Finding targets and content

Most people would agree that where despicable behavior is concerned, our representatives have cornered the market, so insults will never be in short supply. Considering the close relationship between legislators and lawyers, we can also borrow insults targeted at the legal profession. Any joke detailing unsavory conduct towards others can be directed at any one of our erstwhile public servants, without fear of missing the spot, and highly likely to be true.

Funny political meme of a man, depicting a politician, with his back turned and fingers crossed. The caption asks: What separates politicians and lying scheming fraudsters? the answer is the word 'and

Witticisms concerning hypocrisy, double-dealing, self-preservation, or any form of dishonesty, can naturally be applied to those in government. The media refreshes daily with examples of their misconduct, and not just Trump's.

Let’s not kid ourselves: Politicians aren’t human

Please take a closer look at the animal kingdom; we can apply any undesirable attribute exhibited by any creature to our statesmen and women, safe knowing that there'll be at least some element of truth.

Funny political promotion style meme with the quote: 'Politicians are like sperm, only one in a million turns out to be human' Meme generators