Introduction to using and creating offensive memes

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While it's safe to say, even the most innocuous of memes will upset someone, somewhere. But fortunately for us, not everyone's in the business of waiting to be offended on behalf of themselves and anyone else they think should feel aggrieved.

However there's always the chance you're here to exercise your right to be offended, I am, of course, assuming that you've journeyed here to view, create, or copy an offensive meme or two. Feel free to download any meme, or recreate them below without the watermark.

Using the six meme generators below, you can change the image, resize and crop it, or use a picture of your own. All the captions are editable and styled. So let's offend!

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Tip for creating an offensive meme
You can copy and paste memes from one generator to the next and create a unique meme.

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How to create the most offensive memes

Which style of offensive do you have in mind?

While we do have the option of using offensive images, it is usually the quote that offends. So moving on to the caption, we have several types of humor from which to choose. Although not all liable to cause outrage, the ones that do usually feature: sarcasm, cynicism, or irony.

Meme generators Priest dreww in red gown

Adding the cringe factor with dark humor

Focusing on taboo subjects: dark or black humor often features the elephant in the room style topics. Not satisfied with merely mentioning the unmentionable, dark satire goes on to make light of it.

Beautiful woman crawling on the floor

Another feature of dark humor is its total disregard for the rules of engagement. Often targeting the disabled.

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Gallows humor

The original "all hope is lost" humor. In case you're wondering, the gallows is where prisoners go to hang. As you can imagine, there aren't many worse situations to find yourself in than waiting to depart to the afterlife. The humor of the gallows is the ideal way to compare your current situation to that of a person expected to die soon.

Man hanging from a rope

Morbid humor

While gallows humor takes us right up to the point of death, the spirit of the morbid variety speaks from the grave and beyond. Not necessarily an offensive weapon, unless in the right hands, morbid humor trivializes even the most grotesque or savage forms of death.

Dark basement

Deadpan humor

Exhibiting no emotion, often towards a particularly sensitive subject, is another way of creating objectionable memes. Most offensive memes will show some degree of impassiveness.

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Choosing a target for your offensiveness

Who to offend

At this point, the image takes over from the text. Our words are ready and waiting to offend. But to whom? Adding an image leaves the viewer in no doubt as to who the target of our belligerence is. Alternatively: if you are directing your vitriol towards the perpetrator of a crime, a picture of their victim, looking innocent.

Child slaves working in a quarry

Some people may not be aware that they're co-conspirators in grave injustice. The spread shot approach uses discomfort to highlight such behavior. This method allows you to claim the moral high ground and remain offensive.

Why are some people offended by memes?

Even the most antagonistic memes can be funny. The problem lies in the fact that many people taking offense at memes fail to recognize the underlying message. Alarm bells start to ring because they think we're making light of a taboo subject.

The best and most offensive memes

The most bellicose memes will create the most outrage towards the villain, topic, or the person sharing the meme. Which one you target is entirely up to you. Ideally, to both remain offensive and deflect any vitriol from yourself: choose to offend the transgressor of wrongdoing.

If your topic includes a culprit and victim: Using the Duos two image meme maker to select images that show an innocent-looking victim and one that casts the perpetrator in a terrible light.

Targeting your attack

If you desire to create offense regardless, attack those least able to defend themselves. On the other hand, and considering the difference between discomfort and offense is often blurry, perhaps you could feature a rogue element and attack with both guns blazing.

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