Rocking the comedic boat with dark humor memes

Doctor with his arm around an old lady. Lady is asking: 'Why are taking me to the morgue, I'm not dead yet?' The doctor replies: 'We're not there... YET!'

What dark humor isn't

First and foremost, dark humor, black humor, and black comedy have no racial connotations whatsoever. In fact, many non-whites are masters of some of the darkest forms of humor. Humor so dark that it picks cotton.

Comparable to sex in the way that not everyone gets the joke. And quite capable of "out disgusting" its cousin blue comedy, dark humor is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Cringe inducing satire could be considered the bull in the comedic china shop.

The building blocks of dark satire

With black comedy, sarcasm, cynicism, and irony reign supreme and are by far the tools most favored by dark satirists to deliver their mini opuses. These alone may not be enough to merit the bad publicity. But then we haven't come to the "laugh at" rather than "laugh with" philosophy that epitomizes humor of the dark kind.

Doberman with an arm in its mouth

Using shameful joy to explore humor from the dark side

Gory topics such as murder, suicide, insanity, child abuse, incest, and rape, are bread and butter to funny dark meme designers. Regrettably: the undeserving victims of such despicable acts are the last people to warrant the "artist's" attention.

Disgust to shameful joy are some of the initial reactions. But what many fail to realize is that sick humor is occasionally used to highlight injustice or bring much-needed awareness to specific topics. On the other hand, it may merely represent the ramblings of a depraved mind.

Doberman with an arm in its mouth

Before moving onto the primary subject matter, let's whet our appetite with a few outpourings of a twisted mind. But be warned, although these dark funny memes could be considered inappropriate, you'll soon find out just what savage and offensive memes really are.

Golf ball and a cat Meme generators

The lighter side of dark memes

Golf ball and a cat

Jokes directed at the incestuous relationships of rednecks are highly unlikely to ruffle many feathers. While to the redneck's, behavior of this kind may be a suitable topic for the dinner table, there doesn't appear to be much sympathy emanating from the outside world.

skydiver free falling

The skydiving meme demonstrates dark humor in its mildest form and is unlikely to stir any emotions, with perhaps the exception of the skydiver's widow. Nonetheless: it still trivializes death.

Old man smiling

Dementia is a disorder that takes its toll on the family as much as the victim, and isn't naturally a funny topic. The scope of emotions stirred up here will vary amongst individuals.

skydiver free falling

Suicide is undoubtedly the topic that will touch most people and I'll discuss it in more detail later. Suicide or death amongst celebrities is a different kettle of fish. Their oversized egos and love of the spotlight, make them natural targets, even in death.

Aside from entertainment value, our egocentric luvvies serve no useful purpose. Dying, and bringing attention to a preventable death, is probably the most worthwhile activity they could undertake.

If anyone should stand accused, it is those that choose to idolize them while barely paying lip service to surgeons who perform life saving operations, not mention scientists whose discoveries save thousands of lives. Give me a hundred dead pseudo notables over one dead nurse any day.

Can dark humor memes be justified?

With memes as our delivery method, and before looking at how dark humor can be directed towards the rightful recipient, I'm going to cater to the whims of those with the sickest sense of humor. But even here, It's possible to argue that they may be a force for good if used in the right way.

Memes of the sickest variety

In the era of social media platforms, the visual aspect of memes gives any form of wit a boost. Images allow victims and transgressors alike to be targeted with pinpoint accuracy. First of all, let's delve into the dark world of depravity.

We'll begin with a couple of examples, which in most minds are debauched beyond excuse. Such memes exhibit not one iota of decorum as they humorize the most despicable acts of so-called fellow humans. But do they? While looking at the following memes, try to think about how they could serve a positive purpose.

Distraught woman

The gang-rape victim would no doubt merit all the sympathy we can muster. But perhaps such images could lead to calls for stiffer sentencing for such offenses, this itself could be a deterrent.

Viral trivialization of such heinous crimes is bound to stir public outrage. Eventually: this will be brought to the attention of the self-serving bunch of hypocrites that make the laws. No self-respecting legislator will hesitate to milk every vote they can out of such public outrage.

School crossing

The school crossing scenario uses a taboo subject, at least where humor is concerned, to drive home the message. Now you've seen it, how will it affect the way you approach a children's crossing? Does it also make you aware that danger exists in many forms?

Should dark humor memes be outlawed?

Upon initial appraisal, any humor that trivializes such insidious acts has no place in society. Certain subjects should be off-limits. There's also the case that anyone taking delight from such is in dire need of psychiatric attention.

Suicide is another area where we are expected to walk on eggshells. Should one of our friends, or a family member succumb, it is our fault for failing to heed the warnings. Perhaps the satirist is highlighting our failure to heed the warning signs.

There is also the argument that if such actions still exist, not enough is being done to prevent them. Being taboo topics means they aren't openly discussed, so could memes of dark intent create enough awareness to avoid one atrocity, and if so would it justify their circulation?

I'll leave you to ponder that one. In the meantime, let's add another twist.

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A dark meme lesson in self-awareness

School crossing

There is also a range of topics that we are either ignorant of or actively choose to ignore. I refer to abhorrent crimes concerning child exploitation. Some multinational companies would be hard-pressed to recognize acts of immorality if they sent them a tax demand.

Only recently, in their natural role of making vultures appear benevolent, some of the world's biggest brands have been shown to exhibit scant regard for the welfare of the most vulnerable Only paying lip service to such things as child slave labor, and then grudgingly taking action when their bottom line is threatened.

Making their customers aware that they are supporting such horrendous acts of exploitation could drive them to boycott the companies involved, by supporting those that guarantee their materials are ethically sourced.

Can you sleep at night?

Once aware of the situation, anyone who doesn't take action has no right to condemn the actions of people posting dark humor memes. An example of such hypocrisy is the Catholic congregation. How anyone could remain a member of the world's biggest pedophile ring, after all has been laid bare, defies logic.

School crossing

Let's take a minute to remind ourselves that only recent exposure is driving Rome to take action. Although considering their history, it could be argued that their efforts, more than anything, are focused on better concealing the sins of their wayward priests.

Money guides morality

Giving support to the most repressive regimes on the planet, governments, and the bastions of rightfulness, don't just turn a blind eye. Saudi Arabia has only recently allowed women to drive, which begs the question: why were we selling them cars? Unfortunately: as supplying them with arms proves, this is only the thin end of the wedge.

Man carrying dead child. A victim of Saudi bombing

The image above concerns the boming of Yemen by the Saudi coalition. You can read more here


The intent of dark humor meme designers could appear to be using jocularity to gain laughter at the injured party's expense. However: this may not always be the case. In such cases where the crime appears to be trivialized, the victim is often used to bring attention to an injustice.

Granted, jesting of the dark genre is open to abuse. Still, it can also be used positively, notably when the medium used to convey bigotry has a visual aspect. Hypocrisy by eminent people and multinational companies can be brought to the fore by images of people suffering due to their behavior captioned with a sarcastic quip.

In instances where wit is used to call attention to abuse and exploitation, even when seemingly poking fun at the abused, the author could argue that the means justifies the ends.

creating your own dark memes

The dark humor memes here are only an example of what's out there, and they may not fit your intended purpose. But that's not a problem. We can create the very darkest of memes in a matter of minutes, and with an unlimited source of materials.

See for yourself with the generators above. If you want more detailed instructions, click on the relevant guide in the navigation.

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