How the Covid vaccine is used to seek out the dumb

Belief in the efficacy of the Covid vaccine could also be used as a test for stupidity. anti anti-Covid vaccine meme of a skeleton in a coffin, with the caption: 'People will still die after receiving the covid jab. It protects against a virus, it doesn't give eternal life'

There seems to be a lot of alarm concerning the safety of the Covid vaccines. Sure: all vaccines can and do adversely affect some recipients, but there are a number of checks and balances to ensure these risks are kept to the bare minimum.

Unfortunately: the response by anti-vaxxers to any deaths occurring after inoculation, show how extremely dangerous a little information can be in the hands of the deranged.

A little known secret, known only by those fortunate enough to have double digit IQs, is that everyone dies. None of us are cartoon characters, and so will eventually succumb to the inevitable.

Anti anti-Covid vaccine meme featuring three stupid looking people, with the caption: 'I'm not taking the covid jab. I want to feel a prick forever, not just for a few seconds'

The Covid vaccine protects against Covid-19, it's not a cure all

The Covid vaccines are designed to protect us from Covid, not provide eternal life. Unbeknown to the extremely dumb, people die every day, regardless of whether or not they’ve been inoculated. Something our witless wonders don’t appear to be aware of.

According to the cranially challenged, if a person, having just received their jab, is killed in a road accident, the vaccine is to blame.

Death not by vaccine: the numbers

Daily deaths from any cause vary from region to region, as does life expectancy. For this example I’m going to use England in the UK.

England has a population of around 56 million. The 5 year average monthly death rate from all causes between September 2014 and September 2019, was 37,259. This equates to 665 deaths per million per month. I would hazard a guess, if you understand this you’re probably not an anti-vaccine loon.

As already discussed, no vaccine is designed to prevent death from any cause. Therefore: each month we can expect around 665 of every million people who receive the vaccine to be dispatched to the hereafter. Undoubtedly: this would be slightly lower if children were removed from the equation.

The lunatic fringe appears oblivious to the fact that people die, regardless of whether or not they’ve felt a prick. Instead: they simply take these figures and put the blame on the vaccine. We could equally argue these deaths are due to the refusal to worship the Flying Spaghetti monster.