A closer look at antivaccinationists

For your delight: a range of anti vaxxer memes, none of which are complementary to the most disillusioned members of society. an anti-vaxxer meme showing a syringe with a stupid looking person overlaid with the the text 'anti-vaxxer'. The caption reads: 'One needle, two pricks'

I could’ve called this collection of memes insulting, but being insulted requires the ability to think.

The anti vaccine brigade deserve all the ridicule we can muster, not least for the way they twist logic and ignore uncomfortable facts. Both of which have been highlighted by the recent Covid pandemic.

an anti conspiracy theorist meme showing letters of a Scrabble game arranged to spell dream. The caption reads 'The reason consiracy theorists appear dumb. Their words conspire to make them appear stupid'

The other side of the coin

Once we scratch the surface, we often find our heroes are also fully paid up members of another gang of obstinacy, also dedicated to disproving the existence of common sense, the conspiracy theorists. The very same ones that claim global warming is a hoax.

The only criteria for being accepted into this particular collection of lobotomized loons is to disbelieve anything capable of being proven.

A special place for non believers

While we already have an abundance of mental disorders, in all reality, we need to make way for one more. Vaccine deniers have already demonstrated they’re funny farm material by only being receptive to crackpot ideas. Their most common traits appear to be...

  • Not believing facts
  • Ignore logic
  • Accept claims only supported by a tiny minority

All of the above suggest they’re prime candidates for any asylum with secure padded cells and that they ought never to be allowed near sharp objects. The symptoms are much worse than hearing voices in their heads.

an anti anti-vaxxer meme in the style of a news headline, showing a newscaster with the captions:  'Covid brings out brain disorder. Covid consiracy theory-ism detected all over the world'

Making flat earthers appear normal

By comparison, the flat earthers are relatively harmless, their ridiculous belief only serves to make them look weird. They certainly aren’t endangering the lives of others with their obstinance or refusal to accept the effectiveness of vaccines.

I would also argue: we can’t take any such flat earth society’s membership figures as an indication of how many members this genre of loons has. For example: people would join up just to see if it was for real.

Anti anti-vaxxer meme with the caption: 'A special message from the flat earth society. To all anti vaxxers: thank you for making us look normal'

Evidence to support the claim that vaccines work

Of the so called non working vaccines, none stand out more than the smallpox example.the disease was rampant until abruptly ended by vaccination.

Anti anti-vaxxer meme with the caption: 'The smallpox vaccine saved 6 million children's lives per year, and still they say vaccines don't work'

Their argument is further diluted when we add other infections, such as tetanus, polio and diphtheria, to the list of diseases prevented by vaccines.

an anti anti-covid meme showing an array of vaccine bottles. theecaption states: 'The covid vaccine doesn't work, neither do such vaccines as: tetanus, polio, smallpox, meningococcal, diphtheria'

The covid vaccination protects against the virus, it doesn't give eternal life

A shining example of vax deniers’ logic is their argument that people are dying even after being vaccinated. Obviously having not read the label, they expect all vaccine recipients to live forever.

anti anti-Covid vaccine meme of a skeleton in a coffin, with the caption: 'People will still die after receiving the covid jab. It protects against a virus, it doesn't give eternal life'

Some people do endure side effects after receiving a jab, this is perfectly normal. Unfortunately even a single case of dizziness is all that’s needed to bring about warnings that governments are trying to kill us off, or the vaccines are designed to turn us into a nation of zombies.

an anti anti-vaxxer meme showing zombies, with the caption: 'The wrld through the eyes of an anti vaxxer. The zombie apocolypse'

Covid is a hoax, where's my tinfoil helmet

At the beginning of the Covid outbreak, conspiracy theorists and vaccine deniers become two sides of the same coin. Their main argument was that the flu was much more deadlier than Covid.

an anti anti-vaxxer meme showing a stupid looking man and the caption: 'The covid virus is a hoax, now where did I put my tinfoil helmut?'

Covid has since proven to be more contagious and have more serious effects than flu. Thus making this claim redundant. A fact conveniently ignored by our imbecilic legends.

an anti anti-vaxxer meme showing a gorilla walking on its knuckles and a caption saying: 'The covid virus is a hoax, say knuckle scrapers everywhere.'

Acting dumb forever

Another argument for refusing the Covid, or any other jab, is that it infringes upon their civil liberties. Ignoring the fact that they’re helping to spread the disease and prolong its existence.

Little do they realize that the longer a virus is allowed to reign, the more liable it is to mutate and become more difficult to control. Unfortunately: such logic is beyond the grasp of the typical anti vax moron.

Anti anti-Covid vaccine meme featuring three stupid looking people, with the caption: 'I'm not taking the covid jab. I want to feel a prick forever, not just for a few seconds'

While the benefits of vaccines to society outweigh those of the individual, rather than remain selfish, we owe it to society to accept the tiny risks posed by any negative reactions. Anything else is tantamount to genocide.