a meme's eye view of what the 1% nurses pay rise doesn't tell you

This page is devoted to the most caring members of our society, who unfortunately are too nice to say it as it really is. So, on behalf of all our nurses, here's a few memes to set the record straight. Funny nurse meme featuring prostitutes and nurses, with the caption'Message to the UK parliament: screw prostitutes not nurses'

After their derisory 1% pay increase, no one in the UK would object to you letting your halos slip occasionally. Any UK politician who voted through this pittance of a pay rise deserves everything they get.

Funny nurse meme featuring a torture chamber and a nurse holding syringe, with the caption'Nurses prepare ward for UK politicians'

How not to reward people who help you

This government have been complicit in genocide, while the nurses have pulled out all the stops to turn it around. Even saving the prime minister's, (Boris Johnson) life. How does the government reward them? A one measly, stinking, rotten, lousy percent wage increase. Let’s put that into perspective with another nurse meme.

Funny nurse meme featuring a luxurious apartment and with the caption'Mmebers of paliament claim more to house their wives and mistresses than they pay nurses'

Loyalty works both ways

Is there any wonder that nurses are leaving the profession. The only surprise, considering they’re in the modern day version of the trenches, is that they aren’t all suffering from PTSD.

With the exception of perhaps one profession, no one has been more royally screwed by politicians that the nurses.

Funny nurse meme featuring male and female prostitutes, with the caption'THinking of a career change? Can you handle being screwed by members of parliament more often than they screw nurses?'

A very one sided contest

The nurses’ insulting pay offer further strengthens the claim that politicians and morality only exist in opposite dimensions. But let’s imagine a morality contest between nurses and politicians. No doubt, the sewage works scum would begin by insisting on a level playing field, if at all possible. Even then, the outcome would be a foregone conclusion.

Funny nurse meme featuring toe nail clippings and with the caption'Members of parliament demand fair play in morality contest with nurses. Insisting nurses can only enter their toe nail clippings'