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Boris Johnson is a liar. Okay I hear you say, tell me something I don’t know. The sad truth is I can’t. All I can do is present what you’re already acutely aware of, in the form of memes. Boris Johnson meme featuring Boris and the caption 'Don't blame the nurses. It was their moral duty to save his life.'

Boris, who at the time of writing heads the UK parliament, has his dirty fingers in many deceptive pies. Using taxpayers' funds to sponsor his friends and concubines, while denying it, even in the face of insurmountable evidence, is only one of his less than savoury traits.

Boris Johnson meme featuring Boris, a fox, and the caption 'A sly deceitful piece of vermin, and a fox'

What did Boris do when Covid came calling?

Almost a thousand years since the UK was successfully invaded, and what did he do when the biggest threat since the second world war came knocking? He rolled out the red carpet, before showing our defence forces exactly what he thinks of them with a pathetic 1% wage rise.

Boris Johnson meme featuring Boris, adiaper, and the caption 'Spot the difference. One is full of shit, the other is a diaper'

Boris may be full of many things, but integrity isn’t one of them. In any debate, lies are his weapon of choice, while being economical with the truth is also a speciality of his.

Setting aside the way he’s treating our Nurses Does anyone remember his Brexit bus and the millions promised to the NHS? It wouldn’t be difficult to prove that the money promised to our health service was instead diverted into the pockets of his friends. Meanwhile: here’s a meme showing Boris’ Brexit Bus in all its glory.

Boris Johnson meme featuring the Brexit bus that promised 350 million pounds sterling to the NHS, and the caption 'One bus that won't be arriving anytime soon'

Boris and fatherhood

Whether or not he should’ve ever been allowed to breed is open to debate, but at least, as this Boris meme shows, it proves one thing.

Boris Johnson meme featuring Boris, his partner, and the caption 'Conratulations on the birth of your son. At least now we know nurses are not the only ones you are shafting'

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