UK politics in memes

It’s well known in the UK that scum rises to the top. In our case, the top being parliament. Let’s take a look at the views of UK politicians through the eyes of ye olde meme maker. Funny UK political meme in the form of a newsflash, with the caption: 'Working girls demand fair treatment. Hookers demand members of parliament screw them as much as they screw others'

Considering it’s far from unusual for members of parliament to be caught with their pants down, a meme featuring hookers and MPs may be a little wide of the mark. But we shouldn’t let that deter us. Afterall: dishonesty and inaccuracy are both concepts which the UK government are extremely familiar with.

Funny UK political meme in the form of a newsflash, with the caption: 'Devastating effect of MPs pay freeze. Rent boys will not get a pay rise'

As history has shown, at least as far as our male politicians are concerned, when wick dipping is on the agenda, gender has never been an obstacle.

UK government vote themselves a pay freeze

As UK nurses would agree, deciding not to accept a pay increase because of the Covid situation, when already receiving a salary of over 80 grand, plus lavish expenses, could hardly be regarded as benevolent. But that’s not to say there aren’t any casualties.

Funny UK political meme with the caption: 'The only people not happy with the politicians pay freeze are their mistresses'

There’s no doubt some politicians are screwing around, nor that most of them have integrity levels that peak at zero. And, with generous expenses, some of them are housing their whores at the taxpayers’ expense.

So let’s take time to remember the real victims of politicians refusing to further increase their over inflated wages. However: things may not be as bad as they seem. So far: there's been no mention of capping the parasites’ expenses claim.

Do as I say, not as I do

Politicians both make and break the laws. So we cannot leave without a meme depicting their behaviour in this department. Unfortunately: as this meme featuring snakes and politicians suggests, finding any creatures in possession of such limited moral fibre as our lawmakers, is by no means easy.

Funny UK political meme featuring a nest of snakes and with the caption: 'Members of parliament are refusing to social distance. Quick, share this before snakes campaign to have it removed'

At the time of writing, the UK government is headed by Boris Johnson. Why not take a look at the memes about Boris and read the less than flattering discussion.

Funny UK political meme featuring flying pigs with the caption: 'What's the difference between K politicians and flying pigs? The letter F'