The smoke and mirrors of the food and supplement industry

Generally speaking, the food and supplement industries are morally void parasitic vermin, but that's enough of the compliments, let's take a closer look. Meme showing a masked robber, with the caption: 'On behalf of all thieves and muggers, please don't associate us with the food and supplement industry'

As well as discussing the scaremongering tactics of the press, this section aims to highlight the deception used by the food and supplement industry when describing and promoting their wares. You’ll soon become aware of how smoke and mirrors are the order of the day.

With only our best interests at heart, food and food supplement manufacturers are as honest as the day is long. With no regard for their profit margins, they strive to provide us with as much detail of their products as they can.

Well, at least that’s what they’d have us believe. So now we’ve got the finest the bull can offer out of the way, we can reveal the truth. In reality, they make lions appear vegetarian, sharks benevolent, and vultures a shining example of what first aid response should look like.

I would’ve also compared them with snake oil salesmen, but lack the funding to fend off the avalanche of lawsuits from offended snake oil sellers.

Meme showing a mirror reflecting a skull and mirror, with the caption: 'Smoke and mrrors, the food and supplement industries are killing us with their lies'

Protection from the food and supplement industry

Legislation is a weapon used by governments to counteract manufacturer's total disregard for our health and safety. Otherwise:the depths to which their depravity will plummet, would make the grand canyon look like a mountain. A quick look at how the food industry list the salt content will give you some idea.

While some of my examples may not specifically feature the food and supplement industry, at least they’ll force you to reappraise your evaluation of low life scum.

Can big business be trusted?

The short answer is no. To support this claim I’m going to use car manufacturers and the tobacco industry as an example. Granted, neither of these historical examples are related to the topic in question. At this point I only want to make you fully aware of what we’re up against.

Leaded fuel

While it was known for years that leaded fuel adversely affected the development of children and was highly toxic to many organs, car manufacturer's remained seemingly oblivious to the damage this was doing.

One would imagine that car makers would have responded to the mountains of data that showed the harm they were doing, particularly to children and the environment. Voluntarily removing lead from petrol would be the least we could expect from anyone not totally morally void.

Unfortunately, as this report shows this was not the case, they had to be forced by government legislation to stop causing brain damage in children. Imagine that: “i’m going to damage your child’s health because there’s no law preventing me from doing so”.

Our cigarettes are approved by doctors

Legislation was also used to prevent the promotion of tobacco products, but the levels of depravity go much further than promoting an addictive substance that cuts life short.

Meme showing a doctor promoting cigarettes with the caption: 'Think you can trust big business? Think again!'

When scientific research first began to highlight the dangers of smoking, tobacco manufacturer's hit back by using doctors and nurses to promote their products.

So now we’ve established the lengths big business will go to in order to protect their bottom line, let’s get back on topic and focus on the not so benevolent food and supplement industry.